About the project

  • Client: Angwan Rina & Demshin Community
  • Category:
  • Address: Angwan Rina & Demshin Community, Shendam LGA, Plateau State

GVE implemented two independent systems of 52.6kWp each in the villages of Angwan Rina (8°40’59.63″N  9°28’25.50″E) & Demshin (8°41’18.18″N 9°26’48.24″E) both in the LGA of Shendam located in the northern part of the Plateau State.

The communities cumulatively have a total population of approximately 4,800 inhabitants (~536 Households), a big market servicing many villages in the vicinity, and comprehensive productive use potential.

The Global Irradiation in Plateau State varies between 1900 kWh/m2 and 2050 kWh/m2 in a year.

The solar potential for Angwan Rina & Demshin is considered to be approximately 1936 kWh/m2.

The villages remain accessible in the wet season which facilitates the operation and maintenance.

Aerial view of Demshin Community

The customers have been split into 4 categories (households, commercial, community, and productive users).

However, it is not a strict separation as a commercial customer or productive user also intends to use electricity for its household.

The projects have a total of 4,800 indirect and 3,216 direct beneficiaries respectively


Other project impacts include:

  • 52 Nos Street lighting points along the main streets of Angwan Rina & Demshin Communities
  • Enhanced security at night
  • Extended business operating hours
  • Children gather around the street lighting points to study/ play at night.
  • 40% reduction in Energy related expenditure.
  • 68% reduction in malaria cases.