Rooftop Solar Solution

This rooftop solar solution is ideal for homes and SMEs such as tailors, barbers, schools, retail shops, hair salons, shoemakers, Business centers, small offices, clinics, small businesses, light manufacturing, banks, pharmacies, saloons, bars, spars, churches, office complexes, petrol stations, etc. With the incessant power outages due to poor electricity supply in these grid-connected areas, the need arises to effectively provide clients with a reliable and affordable source of electricity.

Systems in this portfolio range from 1kW to as high as 35kW depending on clients’ energy needs and budgets.

A lot of small businesses have been forced to close shops as a result of the high operational cost associated with doing business in Nigeria. To a large extent, most of the cost is related to the cost of power supply through expensive, polluting and unhealthy petrol/diesel generators.

To mitigate this, GVE solar company in Nigeria is offering this high-reliability plug & play rooftop solar solution with multiple flexible acquisition options and 24/7 after-sales support to help clients control their operating expenses (OPEX) while enhancing profitability and livelihood.