Smart Metering & Utility Management Solution

Our proprietary G-Vend™ smart metering and utility solution is a set of seamlessly integrated platforms designed based on the actual needs of electric utility management using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). It efficiently manages all relevant processes aimed at ensuring a very high level of reliability and near-zero commercial losses through automated revenue assurance and theft prevention technologies fitted with real-time monitoring & control.

GVE Project

This smart metering and utility management solution allows electricity utility companies and facility managers to allocate resources more efficiently, accelerate business processes, and provide better services to customers. Our G-Vend™ suite has a standard data interface, which ensures reduced cost of integration with legacy systems of the electricity utility companies. The billing sub-component supports multiple vending options, tariff plans and

Our G-Vend Smart metering and utility management suite offers:

  • Efficient distribution automation & demand-side management
  • Minimal commercial losses and customer satisfaction
  • Traceability, transparent and automated management platform
  • Seamless utility asset management
  • Reduce future integration costs
  • Flexibility and data analytics with user-friendly reporting interfaces