We Offer Different Services

Our solar panels blend into your roof with integrated front skirts and no visible mounting hardware. The result is a clean, streamlined look.

GVE Deliverables for All Solutions

We at GVE Projects Ltd in collaboration with our technical and commercial partners are able to provide a full turnkey solution including the engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and post commission services.

Part of our deliverables include but not limited to the following.

- Full engineering, design and installation of hybrid PV Solar/Genset system.

- Full Engineering, Design & Installation of centralized solar water heating system.

- Engineering & design shall include all requirements leading to successful commissioning. An example would be; sizing, orientation, operational curvature of peak and constant loads, system performance, system integration and synchronization, optimized operational performance, etc.

- Full provision of Balance of System components.

- Procurement and installation of all system components and any related required Balance of Plant components.

- Procurement shall include the delivery and installation of all required components within the Balance of Plant.

- Full system design, layout, schematics, and required project engineering and sizing will be executed and delivered by GVE's partners and managed by GVE.

- Will provide experienced manpower for full on-site construction.

-High KPI operational system.

-A firm project technical/commercial proposal excluding any unknowns; such as; incurred taxes/customs (exemption could be provided on specific items).

- All required product and solution guarantees.

- Project finance packagges (Power Purchase Agreements, Fixed Monthly amortization and/or Lease Constracts) through GVE's Partners.