I most sincerely thank GVE for it’s technical solution to my solar-inverter case. You have really solved the problem. The system has been working well ever since. I am not feeling the pain of the expenses at all. You are really an expert. Thank you and more blessings

Mr. Salihu Ibrahim, a young tailor and now employer of labor in Mantutu Community, Niger State. With the 24kW PV Solar Mini-grid system installed and operated by GVE in his community, Salihu has been able to expand his tailoring business from 2 to 8 staff members, reducing operational cos while increasing his profit and satisfying the needs of his customers.

Before this project, I was using candles and kerosene lamps which make my wares not too visible to my customers at night thus affecting my sales. In addition, because of this I am forced to close my shop once its 8pm as most of my customers retire to their homes at this time. With GVE Project, I now sell up to 10pm as people are now attracted to my shop because of the light, I no longer make cash collecting/ change issuance errors and my wares are now very visible to my customers. My daily proceeds is now double of what I used to get.