Onwudufor most sincerely thanks GVE for its technical solution to my solar-inverter case. You have really solved the problem. The system has been working well ever since. I am not feeling the pain of the expenses at all. You are really an expert. Thank you and more blessings

In the past, we always resorted to running generators whenever there was an outage from PHEDC and this significantly increased our operational expenses. We reached out to GVE for a solution and they carefully analyzed our basic energy requirements and recommended a 10kW PV solar system. Ever since we installed the system, we are no longer able to differentiate between when there is a power supply from PHEDC and when we are on solar. The performance of our staff members has improved, we no longer use generators and we have now reduced our operational expenses. We are very pleased with the system installed by GVE and are already recommending them to other clients.

Mr. Salihu Ibrahim is a young tailor and now an employer of labor in the Mantutu Community, Niger State. With the 24kW PV Solar Mini-grid system installed and operated by GVE in his community, Salihu has been able to expand his tailoring business from 2 to 8 staff members, reducing operational costs while increasing his profit and satisfying the needs of his customers.

I am very pleased with the level of professionalism of GVE staff members prior to during and after the installation of my 3kW PV solar system. The system has been performing very satisfactorily and my family no longer has the need to put on our generators.

Before this project, I was using candles and kerosene lamps which make my wares not too visible to my customers at night thus affecting my sales. In addition, because of this I am forced to close my shop once its 8pm as most of my customers retire to their homes at this time. With GVE Project, I now sell up to 10pm as people are now attracted to my shop because of the light, I no longer make cash collecting/ change issuance errors and my wares are now very visible to my customers. My daily proceeds is now double of what I used to get.