The Power of Unified Data Management, VERITAS

Protect your organization’s data with confidence and ease. Veritas has helped guide enterprise customers through every disruptive technology shift of the past 30 years. Our integrated approach to data management and protection is proven to deliver unmatched versatility, performance, and cost savings.


Attacks and data exploitation with their financial implications is on the rise worldwide on a daily basis. Veritas provides a solution by offering a unified platform which extends beyond just data protection, thereby delivering multiple layers of security for your business data.


Veritas has got you covered whether you are migrating your data to or from the cloud, moving between clouds. With a unified multi-cloud strategy, your business data is continually protected.

Get unmatched security

Help mitigate PDF-based attacks with built-in defenses and enterprise-grade security techniques such as sandboxing, leak protection, and code sanitation. Protect sensitive information by adding Microsoft Purview Information Protection labels or password protection to PDFs, or by redacting content. Control access with Single Sign-On. And ensure that work on mobile stays secure with best-in-class security.

Leading solutions at enterprise scale.


With the diversity of operating environments and communication platforms, there’s need for a compliance product that minimizes risk while streamlining access and delivering insights across data sources.


Creating, accessing and updating data across diverse data tiers; storing data across multiple cloud, data backup and recovery; data privacy and security; Veritas provides budget-friendly services that covers all your data management requirements.

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