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Abigail BOTSHA

(Head, Business Dev. & Marketing)


Abigail Botsha is a dynamic professional with extensive experience in Business Development. She currently serves as the Head of Marketing and Business Development at GVE Projects Ltd. In this capacity, she is to provide strategic business development, marketing, and sales support to the Company’s operations in compliance with global best practices. Prior to joining GVE Projects Ltd, she held the position of Head of Business Development and Strategy in the Construction (TTL Group) and Oil and Gas (InterAccess Projects Ltd) sector, where she showcased her strategic acumen and expertise in driving business growth.

Abigail has also provided valuable consulting services to fintech (Africloud Tech) and asset management start-ups (Deutsche Partners Holding), demonstrating her ability to navigate emerging market challenges and drive innovation in sustainable business practices. Her passion for sustainable development has been a guiding principle throughout her career, leading her to advocate for business strategies that meet present needs and safeguard and enhance natural resources for future generations.

Abigail has an MSc. in Environmental Technology & Management and holds certifications with the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment and the National Registry of Environmental Professionals.

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