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Join the solar revolution and enjoy an energy-independent lifestyle.

Transforming Africa's Energy Landscape with Sustainable Power

We are leading the charge in transforming Africa’s energy landscape with innovative and sustainable power solutions. We believe in a future where every home and business has access to clean and reliable energy, and we are passionate about making that vision a reality.

Our Solutions

Residential Solar Solution

Our residential solar solutions are designed to help homeowners harness the power of the sun and save money on their electricity bills.

Commercial & Industrial Solution

We empower businesses and industries to achieve their energy goals with innovative solar solutions.

Rural Electrification Solution

We are passionate about bringing energy access to underserved rural areas around the world.

Utility Management and Smart Metering Solution

We understand that investing in solar energy is a smart choice for both our client’s finances and the planet.

Our Partners

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Our Customers share their
Experiences & Insights

FR F.O.F Onwudufor

Onwudufor most sincerely thanks GVE for its technical solution to my solar-inverter case. You have really solved the problem. The system has been working well ever since. I am not feeling the pain of the expenses at all. You are really an expert. Thank you and more blessings

Ben Ozoagu

GVE installed solar in my house in 2021, and since then, I never knew the sound of the generator in my apartment. And nobody in my house has had to go to the filling station with a keg to buy petrol, except some months ago when I was advised to make sure I have some petrol inside my generator tank to prevent corrosion. It’s an entirely different feeling to not have to wait/hope for PHCN or whatever they are called now.


Energy independence starts with solar. Get a quote and break free from the grid

To get started, you can use our innovative Energy Requirement calculator to estimate your energy requirements by clicking the below link.

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Energy independence starts with solar. Get a quote and break free from the grid

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