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Safety Policy

GVE Projects Limited, in all its activities, employs the world’s best safety practices. One of the major goals of the company is to ensure that its activities will neither endanger in any way the staff, cause damage to property, or harm the environment. In our company, safety compliance is treated as a paramount priority, so for each operation, a supervisor is always on-site to take overall responsibility for safety and security. Our premium dream is that at the end of each working day, all the workers go home safe and healthy with no harm to the environment or damage to properties.

Quality Assurance Policy

The company’s board of directors is committed to a policy of providing quality services to clients to meet their needs and earn their lasting satisfaction. The company operates in line with International Standard ISO-9001, Standard Organization of Nigeria’s Conformity Assessment Programme (SONCAP), and other relevant standards as a model for its quality system.

Continuous review of customer complaints has, over the period, enhanced our efficiency and the reliability of our services. All personnel and employees of the company are bound by agreements to follow these standards in carrying out their activities in the company.

Clients Relationship Policy

The management of the enterprise is committed to a policy of maintaining lasting relationships with our clients. All our efforts are geared towards the satisfaction of our clients.

In line with this fact, we have established an effective channel whereby customers have a direct opportunity to lay their complaints before the board of directors for speedy processing and possibly immediate intervention.

Data Security Policy

In order to operate efficiently, GVE Projects Limited has to collect and use information about the people with whom it works. This may include members of the public, past, current, and prospective employees, suppliers, customers, and clients. In addition to these, it may be required by law to collect and use information in order to comply with certain federal government requirements. This personal information must be handled and dealt with properly, irrespective of how it is collected, recorded, and used, and whether it be on paper, in computer records, or recorded by any other means. At GVE Projects Limited, we regard the lawful and correct treatment of personal information (private and/or proprietary) as very important to the success of our operations and maintaining the confidentiality between us and those with whom we carry out our businesses. The company will ensure that it treats personal and client information lawfully and correctly. To this end, the company fully endorses and adheres to the principles of data privacy protection. Our aim is to give our clients the best and nothing but the best.

Anti-Fraud, Bribery & Corruption Policy

You must not offer, pay, make, seek, or accept a personal payment, gift, or favour in return for favourable treatment or to gain a business advantage. You must not allow anyone else to do so on your behalf. You must not make facilitation payments. If a facilitation payment has been requested or made, you must immediately report it to your line manager and the GVE’s Ethics and Compliance Officer or the GVE’s Legal team. If you make a payment because you genuinely believe your life, limb, or liberty is at risk, this is not a facilitation payment but must be reported as if it were. Know who you are doing business with by conducting the appropriate due diligence as set out in the ABC and AML Manual. Dealing with government officials poses a greater bribery risk, so you must follow the mandatory requirements in the ABC and AML Manual. You must report corrupt behaviour. Turning a blind eye to suspicions of bribery and corruption can result in liability for GVE and for individuals

Whistle Blowing Policy

GVE Projects Ltd. requires and encourages all directors, management, staff, and affiliates to report any suspected form of misconduct, illegal acts, or failures to comply with stipulated laws to the ethical unit of the company. Such disclosers are assured of the confidentiality of such disclosures.

Conflicts of Interest Policy

All directors, management, staff, and affiliates of the company are prohibited from indulging in any activities that are or will be in conflict with the interests of the company. All entities are strictly required to declare any intention to engage in such activities to management for proper investigation and assessment. Failure to comply will result in strict disciplinary action.

Gifting & Hospitality Policy

In regard to the acceptance of favours, gifts, and entertainment from persons having dealings with the organization, board officials, management, staff, and affiliates shall exercise tact and judgment to avoid the appearance of improper influence on the performance of their official duties. The ordinary courtesies of international business and diplomacy may be accepted, but gifts, favours, and entertainment, as well as loans and other services, shall not be accepted unless they are under an insignificant monetary limit, as determined by the Executive Directors from time to time. ’ Any gift that is accepted on the basis of the board official’s judgment that refusal to accept would offend or embarrass the donor or the organizations shall be promptly turned over to the organizations for a charitable donation, display on the premises, or independent appraisal on the basis of which the board official may be allowed to purchase the gift.

Environmental and Social Management Systems (ESMS) Policy

GVE Projects Limited commits to fully comply with the applicable E&S requirements, including, the laws and regulations of Nigeria, areas of construction/operation, exclusion lists, and E&S standards of lenders/ investors/shareholders.

GVE further commits to dedicate capacity and resources to implement and maintain a robust ESMS, including:

  • Establishing a dedicated environmental department/ unit/ E&S Manager or Coordinator.
  • Senior management involvement and commitment to E&S compliance
  • Provide internal training/capacity building on E&S issues to relevant staff (such as engineers, site managers, construction managers, contractors, etc.), including on:
  • Screening of investments for potential environmental and social impacts, scoping assessments, planning mitigation options, public consultation to assess feasibility and acceptability options; steps 1-7 to implement the environmental and social screening process for projects;
  • Environment: site selection to minimize environmental impacts and social disruption; mitigation measures for contractors and subcontractors (through adequate language in contracts); management of impacts during construction; monitoring of the effectiveness of measures;
  • Monitoring and grievance redress: transparency and supervision responsibilities.

GVE Projects Limited pledges to maintain a good track record on E&S compliance, including:

  • Establishing and maintaining a Grievance Redress Mechanism & keeping proper records of complaints received and timely resolution
  • Good record keeping for any incidents of legal E&S non-compliance, fines, or complains
  • Reporting to relevant government agencies, lenders, and investors, including prompt reporting of any incidents or accidents
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