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Smart Metering & Utility Management Solution


Smart metering & Utility Management solution

With about 650million Africans having little or no access to grid electricity, this solution is focused on providing them with clean, reliable and affordable electricity access using distributed renewable energy technologies with a commercially sustainable Pay-As-You-Go business model.

GVE’s operational presence in five of the six regions of Nigeria gives us a clear edge on understanding the demographics, socio-economic and energy needs of various categories of current and potential clients.

Our micro-scaled renewable energy systems efficiently meet the energy needs of unserved and under-served clients at the most economic cost to suit their income levels while making a profit and generating good returns for investors. Revenue collection with very high reliability and near-zero losses is guaranteed with our proprietary G-Vend™ smart metering & billing system with multiple vending options and real-time monitoring and control.

Our modular rural electrification solution is effective through stakeholders’ collaboration and it can be scaled to meet specific community needs with directly measurable environmental, social and economic impacts.

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