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Top 20 Most Reliable Solar Companies In Nigeria And Why

The best solar company in Nigeria is GVE. we’re the best solar company in Nigeria because we’ve been leading the solar company industry for the last 16 years. And in that time, we’ve completed groundbreaking projects all over Nigeria. 

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know to make the decision on which solar company in Nigeria is best for you. 

Why Choose GVE for all Your Solar Needs?

Reputation, experience, technology, and customer satisfaction are pivotal considerations in the solar company selection process. GVE Solar excels in each aspect, offering top-tier products, stellar customer service, and reliable maintenance:

  •  Decades of Experience: Our team, including partners, engineers, and management, brings decades of collective experience in the renewable energy industry. This wealth of knowledge ensures that we deliver high-quality solutions and services to our clients.
  • Direct Partnership with Top-Tier Manufacturers: We exclusively collaborate with leading manufacturers and service providers in the renewable energy sector. This direct partnership guarantees access to top-quality products and cutting-edge technology, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of our solutions.
  • Proven Track Record: With numerous successful projects completed globally, we have a demonstrated track record of delivering on our promises. Our clients can trust us to execute projects efficiently and effectively, regardless of scale or complexity.
  • Customer Excellence: At GVE Projects Ltd., customer satisfaction is our top priority. We go above and beyond to ensure that every client receives personalized attention and solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness in the industry.
  • Integrity: We operate with the highest ethical standards, maintaining transparency and honesty in all our dealings. Our clients can have confidence in our integrity, knowing that we uphold strict ethical principles and disciplinary measures.
  • Innovation: Innovation is at the core of our approach. We continuously explore new ideas and technologies to stay ahead of the curve and provide innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.
  • Operational Capacity: With over 5.1MW of operational capacity in diverse settings, including rural, peri-urban, and urban areas, we have the expertise and infrastructure to deliver reliable energy solutions to a wide range of clients.
  • Social Impact: Our projects have a tangible impact on communities, providing energy access to over 140,000 people and creating job opportunities for both direct and indirect employment.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Through our cumulative 5.1MW solar installations, we have offset approximately 157,500 tons of CO2 emissions, contributing to environmental sustainability and combating climate change.

Why Solar Energy Matters

GVE Solar empowers Nigerians to bid farewell to power outages, ushering in an era of energy independence and reduced electricity bills. Embracing solar energy not only benefits individuals and businesses economically but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable future.

Best Solar Companies in Nigeria

There are numerous solar companies in Nigeria, however, for the sake of this article, we will be looking at the 20 best solar companies in Nigeria.

1. GVE Solar Company In Nigeria

Solar Companies In Nigeria

As said earlier, GVE Solar Company is arguably the very best among all solar companies in Nigeria and we have over a decade worth of results and accomplishments to show for it.

Green Village Electricity (GVE) Projects Limited is the foremost and most innovative renewable energy solutions provider in West Africa, registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (RC1071222).

Through the expertise and dedication of our board of Directors, management, employees, and various business associates, we have been able to position the company as the leader in Nigeria’s renewable energy industry creating value for our numerous clients through world-class service delivery with a touch of unique local contexts.

Head Office: 

  1. Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria; Winorac Engineering Building, Plot 34 Boskel Road. (Office hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm)
  1. FCT, Abuja, Nigeria; No. 22A Suez Crescent, Off Ladi Kwali Street, Wuse Zone 4, FCT-Abuja, Nigeria. (Office Hours: 8am – 5pm)

Our Solutions

Residential Solar Solution:

  • Tailored installations for homeowners to harness solar power, reduce electricity bills, and transition away from traditional power sources.
  • Customized designs using high-quality materials for optimal energy production and sustainability.
  • Expert guidance and exceptional customer service to ensure a seamless transition to renewable energy for a brighter future.
  • Commercial & Industrial Solution:
  • Innovative solar solutions for businesses and industries, from small enterprises to large industrial operations.
  • Custom-designed systems by solar experts to maximize energy efficiency and cost savings.
  • Focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction throughout the installation process to unlock the full potential of solar power for businesses.

Rural Electrification Solution:

  • Eco-friendly solar-powered solutions to provide reliable electricity to underserved rural areas worldwide.
  • Community-centric approach working closely with local leaders to design and implement customized solar solutions.
  • Commitment to making clean energy accessible as a basic human right to power up rural communities and improve lives.
  • Utility Management and Smart Metering Solution:
  • End-to-end metering solution addressing utility management challenges in emerging markets.
  • Smart metering infrastructure including AMR/AMI, smart vending system, metering data management system, and STS code management system.
  • Empowering clients to make smart financial and environmental choices through solar energy investment.

Other Services:

  • Consultancy Services: Expert advice and guidance on solar energy implementation and optimization.
  • Solar Street Lighting: Solar-powered lighting solutions for streets and public areas.
  • Renewable Energy Products Sales: Sales of a variety of renewable energy products.
  • Energy Auditing: Assessments and recommendations for energy efficiency improvements.
  • Training: Educational programs to empower individuals and organizations with knowledge about renewable energy technologies and practices.

2. Arthur Energy Technology Limited

Arthur Energy Tech Ltd is one of the few solar companies in Nigeria situated in Isolo. It is a solar company that has grown in prominence in the solar energy industry as a result of previous projects completed.

They also manage their services throughout Lagos.

They are well-known for supplying and installing solar panels with unit standards for street lighting, agricultural lighting, boreholes, houses, schools, and businesses.

3. Energy Excel Systems and Solutions Limited 

Energy Excel systems and solutions Ltd is an Abuja-based firm that sells, maintains, and installs deep cycle batteries, solar inverters, and UPS systems.

In addition, the Abuja-based firm sells, installs, and maintains unit-specific solar goods such as solar traffic lights, solar street lamps, and solar submersible water pumps.

4. Enerplaz Renewable Energy

This is one of the few solar companies in Nigeria situated in Port Harcourt that specializes in solar products and services. They sell, distribute, and install solar inverters, batteries, and panels in homes, industries, businesses, and commercial settings.

5. Novel Power Systems

Novel Power Systems, located in the old city with brown rooftops, Ibadan, is a leading solar company in the ancient city and Oyo state.

The Ibadan-based solar company sells, installs, and maintains solar inverters and batteries for homes, schools, factories, and commercial sectors.

6. Pamtronics Nigeria Limited

The Ikeja-based solar enterprise offers solar energy equipment sales, consults, and installations. They are largely focused on the installation of solar thermal systems and photovoltaics (PVs).

7. BETSAM Engineering Services

BETSAM engineering, located in the world-famous Ikeja Computer Village, is a solar company that handles the sales, installation, and maintenance of solar energy equipment in and around Lagos.

The Ikeja-based solar company sells and installs solar panels, backup systems, and solar batteries for homes, businesses, ATMs, security lights, and data servers.

8. Rose Top Nigeria Limited

Rose top Nig. Ltd is a Lagos-based solar firm that specializes in solar energy product advice, sales, installations, and service for private and public clients.

The Lagos-based company also installs, refines, and services petrol and diesel generators. Similarly, the company rents out generators to individuals. Rose Top is the 8th best among the various solar  companies in Nigeria

9. Green Energy

Green Power, regarded as Nigeria’s greatest solar enterprise, was created in 2006 and is focused on providing dependable, intelligent energy solutions using renewable energy.

The company’s mission is to deliver energy conservation that is both environmentally beneficial and cost-effective.

You may be assured of timely service delivery if you choose green electricity, owing to a highly dependable management and technical team. 

They have also built a good reputation over the years by providing services to individuals, telecommunications companies, private enterprises, schools, hotels, and hospitals, among others.

They provide electrical installation services, as well as solar energy systems, solar thermal energy systems, backup inverter systems, and energy consulting.

The Green Power office is located at Off Bank Anthony Way, 35b Unity Road, Ikeja, Lagos.

10. Ecozar Technologies Inc

Ecozar Technologies is a company that offers excellent solar services at a cheap price. This is especially true when it comes to providing, installing, and maintaining high-quality solar systems and inverters.

This company, launched in 2014, is a national leader. They are professionals in the installation of inverters and solar power systems in homes and businesses across the country.

Ecozar Technologies also provides flexible service to customers in order to create strong customer connections. The routine follow-up examinations are also extremely nice.

The company ensures that consumers receive the best solar installations possible. Ecozar Technologies can be found at the Venia Hub 2nd Floor Providence House Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos state location.

11. Hians Energy Solutions Limited

Another prominent solar firm in Nigeria is Hians Energy, which specializes, among other things, in electrical wiring and the installation of renewable energy sources such as solar power.

Because of their extremely competent technical team, you may be confident that you will receive the best. This is especially true when it comes to building a backup power inverter, getting solar power advice, and getting electrical services.

You can talk to them about how many batteries or solar panels you’ll need for your tiny house. Their office is located at 1 Bank Avenue, Okpara Avenue, Enugu, Nigeria.

12. LEKS Environmental Limited 

Leks is another well-known solar and renewable energy company in Nigeria. The company has made a name for itself in the energy industry.

Since its inception in 2011, Leks Environmental Limited has become known for its sustainable energy and safety solutions. They also sell garbage and recycling equipment, medical emergency transportation services, and health and safety items.

They also construct environmental and energy infrastructure. LEKS is one of the best solar companies in Nigeria.

Leks Environmental Limited is located at 30A, Alternative Road, Off Chevron Drive on the Lekki Peninsula in the state of Lagos.

13. Infinite Solar Solutions Nigeria Ltd 

Infinite Solar Solutions Nigeria Limited is another reliable and fairly priced solar energy provider in Nigeria. They provide competent customer service personnel who help clients understand their needs.

Importation, wholesale, and retail of solar products are other areas of specialization for Infinite Solar. They can put in solar street lights, hybrid and standalone inverters, solar lights, garden lights, solar refrigerators, solar panels, LED lights, and other things.

You can contact them for these and other reasons.

Infinite Solar Solutions Nigeria Limited has an office in Wuse 2, Abuja, and they manufacture high-quality goods.

14. Solar Force Nigeria Plc

Solar Force Energy is Nigeria’s most dependable renewable energy company. The company was created in 2007 and is dedicated to providing the general population with access to the most advanced solar technology available.

SFN is a division of Solar Force Corporation in the United States. They offer genuine products such as Solar Streetlights, Mini Grids, Solar Boreholes, and others.

The Solar Force Energy office is located at No. 1, Rima Street, Maitama, Abuja.

15. Wavetra Energy Limited

Wavetra Energy LTD is one of the best companies to work within the solar energy industry.

Over the years, they have helped customers install a variety of solar energy technology, including solar panels, charge controllers, inverters, and deep-cycle batteries.

In addition, Wavetra Energy LTD sells authentic LED bulbs, windmills, solar street lights, and related accessories. Their office is located at 15 Ajao Road, off Adeniyi Jones Avenue in Ikeja, Lagos State.

16. Astrum Energy Solutions Ltd

Astrum Energy Solutions offers full-time solar renewable energy services. This solar company was founded in 2007. They install solar PV systems in homes, companies, and even entire towns. Customers that use this company rave about them.

Astrum Energy Solutions Ltd has offices in Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Jos. You may count on them to provide timely and dependable renewable energy services. They also provide warranties for their solar services.

17. Rubitec Nigeria Limited

Rubitec Nigeria Ltd. is a famous solar energy company in Nigeria. The group provides backup choices for offices as well as different power sources for residences. This solar backup can power your appliances.

Rubitec Nigeria also offers and installs farm agro-solar systems, biomass energy systems, and mini-grid systems. They provide services to both urban and rural communities in Nigeria.

18. Powertech Solar Energy Ltd

Powertech Solar Energy is well-known for supplying high-quality solar-powered products for your homes, companies, and industrial settings.

This company was founded in 2010. It distributes solar things in quantity, large equipment, portable hybrid rooftop systems, solar energy equipment, and other items quickly and easily throughout Nigeria.

Conclusion on the Best Solar Companies In Nigeria

When it comes to power, Nigeria as a whole is a disaster because the supply is frequently inconsistent.

There is an epileptic power supply, unlike in other adjacent or foreign countries. As a result, not everyone has access to electricity, which is where solar products come into play.

Do you want to discover who Nigeria’s top solar energy providers are? We’ve got you covered since we’ve assembled some of the nation’s most dependable solar energy companies on one website.

You can rely on them, therefore gather their contact details so you can easily contact them to take care of your solar energy demands.

After perusing the various solar companies in Nigeria on this list, with GVE Solar Company sitting at the top as the best solar company in Nigeria, I am very sure you have all the information you need.

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