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5 Things Every Industry Should Think About Before Going Solar

Industries all over the world are working hard to reduce their electricity costs and meet their energy demands without harming the environment. Renewable energy has established itself as a potential source of power and is becoming more affordable with each passing year. 

The adoption of renewable energy sources is arguably the only way for Nigeria’s industrial and commercial establishments to strike a balance between economic growth and environmental sustainability.

That being said, solar is a long-term investment; once you go solar, you will be committed to it for the next 25 years. 

As a result, it is critical that you make an informed decision in order to get the most out of your investment. Here are some things to think about before making the leap.

Potential Savings With An Industrial Solar System

Location, like real estate, is an important factor to consider before solarizing your industry. The saving potential of your solar system is determined by the feasibility of your location. Learn about the sun’s position on your installation site, how much sunlight it receives in a day, and other installations nearby. 

To calculate the site’s saving potential, make sure you assess the roof type and geographical location. Every rooftop presents its own set of challenges when it comes to solar installation. 

Manufacturers can provide the best solution to industries by combining cutting-edge engineering and innovation with shadow analysis. 

Most rooftops are underutilized and empty; with a little structural tinkering, manufacturers can ensure that the saving potentials are maximized.

Grid Connectivity And Solar System Type

Understanding your energy consumption and grid connectivity can help you determine the type of solar system your site requires. 

If your building is connected to the grid, an on-grid solar system may be the best option for your company. As a result, your company will be able to transfer excess energy to the grid and reap additional benefits.

If your company is not grid-dependent, you can choose an off-grid system with inverters. This system will be more expensive than the on-grid system. Your installer will assist you in recommending the most appropriate system for your site.

Understanding Your State  Solar Policy

The government is constantly enacting new policies for industries, and in order to reduce the challenges that industries face when carrying out their operations or adopting solar. 

The policies concern net-metering, tax breaks, subsidies, and connectivity approvals. These policies are put in place to ensure that the infrastructure is viable and that people can work efficiently. Industries should learn about the latest policies, discuss them with solar partners, and reap the greatest benefits from them.

Solar Module Quality, Cost, And Warranty

Be wary of manufacturers who provide a single solution to each client. A system should meet your requirements, and it should be covered by a warranty. Your solar partner should be able to meet your site’s requirements with a variety of product options. 

Assess the cost of panel modules and installation; because industrial projects are large-scale, you must calculate everything ahead of time. 

Request quotes for all of the different modules based on their efficiency and type so you know what to expect. Instead of succumbing to fads and purchasing popular modules, select those that are best suited to your site.

Ensure you are familiar with your company’s utility rates.

There are various “tiers” of usage in many areas, each with its own cost calculation formula. Rates are higher in higher energy usage tiers. In these schemes, you pay more as your energy consumption rises. 

Going solar, on the other hand, can affect these tiers and, in some cases, eliminate higher rates. As a result, the higher your current electricity bill, the higher your ROI (Return on Investment) on a solar system installed.

Is Your Solar Partner Reliable?

Choose a partner like GVE Solar Company In Nigeria who will provide you with seamless after-sales service when you get stuck, not one who is just looking for big checks. 

A good manufacturer will take care of all of the aforementioned points and ensure that you do not regret your decision to go solar.

With our solar kits, GVE provides a one-stop solution, eliminating the need to chase down multiple service providers when one of the system’s components fails. 

With our highly efficient panels, which guarantee an efficiency of up to 50.7%, we provide peace of mind to all of our customers. For the modules, we have a NIL replacement record.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before switching to solar?

Make sure you understand your utility company’s rates.
Module Quality, Cost, And Warranty.
Grid Connectivity And System Type.
Learn your solar warranties.
How long solar panels last.

How long does it take solar to pay for itself?

The average payback period is estimated to be six to ten years. This is a fairly broad range because many factors will influence how long it will take to pay off your panels and how much money you will save each month.

What is the most significant issue with this type of energy?

One of the most significant issues with this energy technology is that energy is majorly generated when the sun shines. As a result, supply can be disrupted at night and on cloudy days

Why Should GVE Solar Company In Nigeria Be Your First Choice?


GVE Solar Company In Nigeria is a one-stop shop that provides solar products, engineering, execution, and support. In over a decade, there has been no replacement record.

  • Excellent track record of project completion.
  • A monitoring system that is accessible via the internet.
  • Improved low-light spectral response.
  • Excellent return on investment.
  • Ensures sustainability and environmental goals.
  • Protects your company from rising energy costs by making it self-sufficient.

To achieve higher customer satisfaction, we believe in thoroughly researching our client’s needs and then providing them with the most appropriate and dependable solutions. 

We deliver high-quality solar products, with quality and assurance built in from the beginning of the manufacturing process. If your industry is considering going solar, throw caution to the wind and go with GVE Company. Visit our website; https://gve-group.com/ to learn more about our extensive line of energy-efficient solar products.

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